Well, well, well – just when you thought I’d dropped off the twig!

Well, well, well – just when you thought I’d dropped off the twig!

Hello y’all. It’s crazy I know – I’ve let MONTHS pass and not a word has been writ on this here blog site. I have, you’ll be pleased to know (or not, you might be furiously BORED to know) that I have instead been working on another blog site. An eponymous one – which is to say, it’s named after me. Henrietta.co. I’m not generally referred to as Henrietta.co, but you get the picture I’m sure. www.henrietta.co – not com!

11535888_492869717543945_6823947995211431845_nAnyhow… that other blog site, that mistress of mine that has got between us, is all about a whole other world of ramblings on life, the universe and everything, but most importantly, it is where I have been publishing my short stories, The Teaspoon Chronicles. I have been rolling them out at the rate of one per week, every Tuesday, for each week of summer, and for those not good at maths, I will publish #8 tomorrow. The series are all there on the site, so you’re welcome to hop across and read them and to let me know what you think! I do LOVE a bit of feedback from others – not JUST my loving mother, who thinks I’m the next J K Rowling.

This is the logo for the series, but you’ll find them all under the short stories tab.


But hang on a sec, read the rest of this one first!!

SoCo Farm is now pretty much complete, at least it’s complete enough for it to be on the rental market. That is, unless some renters are livestock and require the lower fences to be replaced (work in progress) or the shed to be replaced (nagging to husband in progress). If you find you are indeed in that category, then don’t hold your breath, farms are nothing but a bottomless pit, hungry for all the time and money you have ever earned or are likely to earn, and so they’re never actually finished. But I’m assuming none of you are in fact cows, sheep or alpacas, (with a name like mine, I could be a chook), so let’s continue

Some people have tried using the booking form here on the site to book, but we decided that as I struggled to ever actually find those booking, let alone answer them, (such is my unspeakable hopelessness at technology – I’m lucky if I recognise the computer itself) that we’ve now listed the property on Airbnb so that we can take full advantage of their well-oiled, modern machine.

So much has happened and I will, now that I’m back from trying to be J K Rowling for a bit, tell you some stories of what’s gone on around the farm. I especially need to update you  on the fatbum sheep, but you need to prepare yourselves for that one because it’s actually a harrowing tale (without tail) that has some major ups for 12, and the bummer to end all bummers for a further 21. There is also the breakaway group of 4 living guerrilla style somewhere on the property, but my intel is limited, so I can’t exactly say where. Exactly. So watch out for sheepish tales (without tails) to come.

For this reunion post though, I thought I’d show you some photos – because a picture paints a thousand words, right? Check these out.

the bunker on a bad day

the bunker on a good  day – remember this?


and this?


feeling depressed?

So how about this…





Let’s move inside…


after the curtains had been removed


the ‘living’ room (or the dying room??)


to a living living room


and the kitchen


dark, I know, but it was my mood on the day…


brighter, cheerier now

And then the bedrooms…


was this where I would one day lay my weary head?


oh yes indeedy


and clean my teeth??


I believe so!

and the other rooms…


this one we called the purple patch


but not anymore


the main bathroom (for livestock)


now suitable for children (inside livestock)



once a laundry/office


with it’s ensuite which I don’t have a full photo of – bizarrely

and then the other rooms


and then the pool and pergola





and finally, the top shot


So here you have it – SoCo Farm, Berry.  I’d like to take credit for the photos here – but I think you know which ones are mine. The others are taken  just after the landscaping first went in by a local photographer, Greg Twemlow (greg@gtdigital.com)  He also shot a video of the farm which is on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGbdcd4YmOM but he did that with a drone and it makes me feel a bit dizzy. I personally think the guy is a genius.

I will, as promised, get cracking with other stories, but in the meantime, let me know if there’s anything in particular you want to know about.

Happy browsing folks xx


  1. H & G , congrats …..it all looks fantastic!!!!!

  2. THIS LOOKS AMAZING! Hope it is berry berry nice and you are all berry berry well xxxx


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